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Order number: MAGSLIDE

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Magnesium Guitar Slide

A slide made of magnesium and thus not only nearly free of any string noise, but also significantly lighter than other slide materials: on average 33% lighter than glass, 75% lighter than steel, 80% lighter than brass. The MagSlide´s inside is slightly conical and, despite its low weight, delivers a round, warm tone with a lot of sustain.
The MagSlide comes in a high-quality box with a magnetic fastener and a cloth bag for easy transport.

For in-store presentation, counter displays are available with a capacity of up to 10 MagSlides.

Weight: 39.7 g (1.4 oz)
Length: 63.9 mm (2,515")
Inside diameter: 19,5 - 21 mm (.768" - .828")
Outer diameter: 29 mm (1.145“)

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