MagSlide "Pinky"

Manufacturer: MagSlide

Order number: MAGMINI

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MagSlide "Pinky"

Magnesium Guitar Slide, small

A slide tube in a smaller format, e.g. for the pinky. Like the large MagSlide, the MagSlide Pinky is made of magnesium and is therefore not only virtually free of any string noise, but also significantly lighter than other slide materials: on average 33% lighter than glass, 75% lighter than steel, 80% lighter than brass. The MagSlide is slightly conical on the inside and despite its light weight, it delivers a round, warm tone with a lot of sustain.
The MagSlide comes in a high-quality box with magnetic fastening and a cloth bag for easy transport.

For presentation in the store, counter displays with a capacity of up to 10 MagSlides are available.

Weight: 28.35 g (1 oz)
Length: 60.2 mm (2.37")
Inner diameter: 17.5 - 19 mm (.690" - .750")
Outside diameter: 26.16 mm (1.03")

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