CD Los Dooros - Jim's Legacy

CD Los Dooros - Jim's Legacy

Manufacturer: Duesenberg

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CD Los Dooros - Jim's Legacy

Sensational! A CD with 14 songs from the Doors by Dieter Gölsdorf's Madrid band "Los Dooros"!

And that with two awesome Duesenberg guitars instead of the horrible Farfisa organ of Ray Manzarek!

And Dieter made this project come true, not without asking Jim Morrison in a secret, parapsychological session how he would have imagined his musical progress if he were still alive. Jim's answer was, that he would have broken up the band and continued under his own name, but with professional musicians like " Los Dooros ". Jim also reported that he hadn't been dead that long, that his death in Paris was just a fake - as you can read in Hollow Skai's new book soon!

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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