Duesenberg Armrest / Antique

Item #: D-ARM

Duesenberg armrest

Originally designed for banjos, here now sized for electric guitars: Elegant metal frame for the resting of the right forearm, which makes a too hard body edge comfortable. The armrest is mounted to the body edge with two wood screws (see photo) and fits e.g. the smaller Duesenberg guitars like Starplayer Special, Julia, 59er etc, and of course all guitars of similar size.

Finish: Antique

Allen Key, 6mm

Item #: KSW60

göldo DG Tremolo for Hollowbody Guitars
Nickel & Chrome / Long / Short

Item #: TDG1HL

Duesenberg D-Logo Pin
Polished Nickel

Item #: ADPIN1

göldo LT2 Tremolo
Various Versions

Item #: TLT2N

göldo "The Downholder"

Item #: TGDDH

Kluson "Texas Blues" TL-Type Pickups
Set / Bridge / Neck

Item #: PTXSET

Kluson "Vintage" TL-Type Pickups
Set / Bridge / Neck

Item #: PTSET

S.O.S. Nut Compensation
Electric Guitar / Acoustic / Classical

Item #: NS0SC

Duesenberg "Standard Control Knob" / large
Chrome / Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: KBD3C

göldo "Deluxe" Wrap-Around Brücke
Chrome / Gold

Item #: HW02C

Duesenberg Wrap-Around Bridge / 81.5 mm
Nickel / Chrome / Gold

Item #: HW01N

Duesenberg "3-Step" Switch Knob
Nickel / Gold

Item #: ELK3N

“Purple haze, all in my brain / Lately things they don’t seem the same Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why / Excuse me while I kiss the sky"

Jimi Hendrix