Gotoh Relic JB-Type Control Plate / Aged Chrome

Gotoh Relic JB-Type Control Plate / Aged Chrome

Item #: GRCPJ

Gotoh Control Plate for Jazz Bass

Proven Gotoh quality in authentic relic design. Vintage-correct dimensions, original Jazz Bass design.

In Japan, of course, the art of aging is perfected! In contrast to many other manufacturers, the individual parts are first disassembled and submitted to the aging process before being assembled again. This not only guarantees a perfect appearance, but also a perfect function.

göldo J-Bass-Type Control-Plate
Chrome | Black | Gold

Item #: CPJ1C

Deluxe Jack Plate '54 / for ST-Shape
Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: JSC0C

göldo Vintage Tunamatic
Nickel / Chrome

Item #: HW13C

Workbench Pad
100 x 50 x 0.4cm

Item #: WS150

Göldo Wax Deluxe
Hard wax, 100ml

Item #: WS042

göldo Oil & Wax
Oil & Wax Set

Item #: WS041

göldo Fretmaster File
192 x 38 x 8mm

Item #: WS000

F-style Tremolo Arm / US
Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: TM12C

Roger Saturn
Black / Red / Purple / Vintage White

Item #: RSATRD

göldo Humbucker Cover in German Silver / 52.8mm Stringspacing
Nickel / Chrome / Gold / Antique

Item #: PNS3N

göldo "Vintage" PB-Shape Pickguard
Tortoise / Vintage Pearl / White / Black

Item #: PGP3B

Duesenberg BassBucker

Item #: PDBNB

Duesenberg CrunchBucker

Item #: PD4BB

KTS Titanium Neck Plate

Item #: KTS05T

KTS Titan Saddles for Vintage Bass Bridges
threaded / plain

Item #: KTS03SP

göldo "Dome Speed" Knob / marked
Nickel / Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: KB00C

göldo ST-Style Jackplate
Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: JSC1C

göldo Vintage Jackplate / Plastic
Cream / Black

Item #: JLPPK

göldo 4-Hole Jackplate / curved
Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: JLP0B

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