göldo Maestro Type Tremolo

Item #: TMM1N

göldo Maestro Type Tremolo

Classic Tremolo system for flat and archtop guitars. Easy to install - no routing necessary! The frame is mounted to the rear end of the body - just like a trapeze tailpiece. Two additional screws attach it to the top of the guitar. The string holder is clamped to a solid spring steel sheet and can be moved up and down with the supplied tremolo arm. Long version (173.5mm), including mounting screws. 

Göldo Wax Deluxe
Hard wax, 100ml

Item #: WS042

göldo F-Type Tremolo Springs
soft / medium / hard

Item #: TMS20

Duesenberg Radiator Tremola / Short
Alu / Nickel / Gold

Item #: TDRSN

Duesenberg Radiator Tremola / Long / Lefthand
Alu / Nickel / Gold

Item #: TDRLLN

KTS Titan Saddles for Vintage Bass Bridges
threaded / plain

Item #: KTS03SP

göldo DG Tremolo for Hollowbody Guitars
Nickel & Chrome / Long / Short

Item #: TDG1HL

göldo "G7" Tremolo
Alu / Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: TGD7N

göldo DG Tremolo in Squid-Design
Nickel & Chrome

Item #: TDG2SQ

göldo LT1 Tremolo
Various Versions

Item #: TLT1N

göldo LT2 Tremolo
Various Versions

Item #: TLT2N

göldo DG Tremolo in Horseshoe Style
Nickel & Chrome

Item #: TDG1HR

Duesenberg Les Trem II
3 colours

Item #: TM85N

göldo "The Downholder"

Item #: TGDDH

göldo DG Tremolo in Shorty-Design
Nickel & Chrome

Item #: TDG1ST

göldo Staggering Set
for 6-in-line Tuner

Item #: WKSGB

Duesenberg Les Trem II / Lefthand
nickel / chrome / gold

Item #: TM85LN

Duesenberg Radiator Tremola / Short
Alu / Nickel / Gold

Item #: TDRSN

Duesenberg Radiator Tremola / Long
Alu / Nickel / Gold

Item #: TDRLN

Duesenberg Diamond Deluxe Tremola / Long
Alu / Nickel / Gold

Item #: TDBLN

Kluson "Vintage '56" Singlecoil Pickups
Set / Neck / Middle / Bridge

Item #: PSSET

göldo ST-Shape Pickguard / SSS
Various versions

Item #: PG03A

Duesenberg Domino P90
Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: P9NNB

göldo Neck attachment sockets / 15mm
Chrome / Black

Item #: NP11C

göldo "Deluxe" Switchknob / Toggle
Nickel / Chrome / Gold

Item #: KBGLN

göldo "Deluxe" Pot-Knob / small
Chrome / Nickel / Gold

Item #: KBG18N

göldo "Turnómatic" G-Type Roller Bridge
Nickel / Chrome / Gold

Item #: HW05N

Duesenberg Guitar Strings / 010

Item #: DS010

göldo T-Style VibroBridge

Item #: HWTTC

göldo Tailpiece "Wrapper"
Various versions

Item #: HWGTN

göldo Lowrider Bridge

Item #: HWGLN

CTS Premium Push-Pull Pot
250kOhm / 500kOhm / 500kOhm long

Item #: CTS250P

göldo Dual-Action Trussrod / MM-Type
Guitar / Bass

Item #: WSMMB

göldo Block Inlays
Acrylic Pearl

Item #: WSBA10

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