Gotoh Relic ST-Type Vintage Tremolo System / Aged Chrome

Item #: GRTVT

Gotoh ST-type Vintage Tremolo

Proven Gotoh quality in authentic relic design! This vintage tremolo system for Fender@ Stratocaster and its variants and copies is not only made with high-quality materials but also comes with historically correct details such as steel block, bent steel saddles, screws with US thread, screwed in tremolo arm, five tremolo springs, spring holder, and six mounting screws.

  • Distance outer mounting holes: 56mm
  • String spacing: 11,3mm
  • Total width front: 73,5mm
  • Total width rear: 83,5mm

In Japan, of course, also the art of aging is perfect! In contrast to many other manufacturers, Gotoh products are first of all disassembled and go through the aging process before being re-assembled again. This not only guarantees a perfect appearance, but also a perfect function.

göldo ST-Type Potknobs / Plastic
(Volume & Tone) White / Aged White / Cream / Black

Item #: KBSVW

göldo Bearing Screws / ST-Type Tremolo
Nickel / Black / Gold

Item #: SR00C

göldo Vintage Bone Nut / Standard
Various sizes

Item #: NT536

göldo Triple Edge Countersink
3 different sizes

Item #: WS63S

göldo ST-Shape Pickguard / SSS
Various versions

Item #: PG03A

Kluson Creambucker
Different versions

Item #: PF1BZ

Duesenberg Domino P90
Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: P9NNB

göldo "Butterfly" String Retainer
Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: NT15C

Kluson Modern "Roundback" / Kidney / 3+3
Nickel / Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: MG33N

göldo Deluxe-Jack / Mono
Metric Thread

Item #: J0026

göldo "Vintage" String Ferrules / 8mm
Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: HW45C

göldo Guitar Fingerboard / Acrylic Inlays / slotted
Rosewood / Crown or Block inlays

Item #: FBGCR

göldo "Deluxe" Strap Pin

Item #: EP15N

Kluson No-Line Tuners / 6L
Nickel / Gold / Plastic white

Item #: M6NLN

göldo Lowrider Bridge

Item #: HWGLN

CTS Premium Push-Pull Pot
250kOhm / 500kOhm / 500kOhm long

Item #: CTS250P

göldo Fretwire / Pre-Bent / Long
Various versions

Item #: WS210

göldo Fret Crowning File
göldo Bundfeile

Item #: WS039

göldo CTS-Type Pot / 250K log
9mm thread

Item #: US250

göldo Vintage Tremolo / Steel Block
Chrome / Gold

Item #: TV10S

göldo Tremolo Arm / 6mm
Chrome / Black

Item #: TM18C

F-style Tremolo Arm / US
Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: TM12C

göldo LT2 Tremolo
Various Versions

Item #: TLT2N

göldo Vintage Tremolo / Steel Block
Chrome / Gold

Item #: TV10S

Diego Deluxe SC Tremolo / Steel Block
Chrome or Gold

Item #: TVS1C

Gotoh Wilkinson VS-100
black / satin chrome / satin gold

Item #: TMW1C

göldo "G7" Tremolo
Alu / Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: TGD7N

Kluson "Vintage" TL-Type Pickups
Set / Bridge / Neck

Item #: PTSET

Kluson "Texas Blues" Singlecoil Pickups
Set / Neck / Middle / Bridge

Item #: PSX00

Duesenberg Multibender

Item #: HWMBC

göldo DG Tremolo in Squid-Design
Nickel & Chrome

Item #: TDG2SQ

göldo DG Tremolo for Hollowbody Guitars
Nickel & Chrome / Long / Short

Item #: TDG1HL

MagSlide Magnesium Slide
Standard / Pinky


Key for WSMMG/B Trussrods
100 x 2.8 mm

Item #: KSWMM

Deluxe Jack Plate '54 / for ST-Shape
Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: JSC0C

göldo Vintage Tunamatic
Nickel / Chrome

Item #: HW13C

Gotoh Steel Bar

Item #: GSBAR

3 Monkeys Solderless Cable
Black / Green / Red

Item #: 3MKBK

göldo Dual-Action Trussrod
for bass or guitar

Item #: WS44G

göldo Switch for Mustang

Item #: WDE15

göldo Saddles for Strat / 10,5mm / die cast
chrome / gold / black

Item #: TV12C

göldo LT2 Tremolo
Various Versions

Item #: TLT2N

göldo LT1 Tremolo
Various Versions

Item #: TLT1N

göldo "G5" Tremolo
Alu / Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: TGD5N

göldo Vintage Tuner Screws
Nickel / Gold

Item #: SRV7C

göldo Floyd Nut Locking Screw
pack of 12 pcs.

Item #: SRF4C

göldo Vintage Tuner Screws
Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: SRD7N

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