Excenter Bushings for Jazzmaster Bridge

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Order number: HJM8N

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Excenter Bushings for Jazzmaster Bridge


Threaded bushings for Jazzmaster, Jaguar & Co. for mounting Tuneomatic and other bridges which stand on M4 grud screws. Simply either replace the existing bushings completely with the HJM8N or insert the HJM8N into the existing bushings (the bushings are unfortunately of different sizes at Jazzmaster/Jaguar and their copies) and install a good Tuneomatic bridge (HW13, HWD2 etc.) - the typical problems of an original Jazzmaster bridge are a thing of the past. The mounting threads in the bushings are placed eccentrically so that the bridge can be adjusted exactly to the distance of the grub screws by simply turning the bushings. Accessories required: grub screws (HW25B), knurled disks (HW2RN). Please note: these screws and disks are included with our bridges. Outer diameter: 9mm Installation depth: 14,5mm Thread dimension: M4 Set of 2

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