Göldo Tailpiece

Göldo Tailpiece "The Wrapper"

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Göldo Tailpiece "The Wrapper"


With a standard stop-tailpiece, the entire string tension is laid against the tiny loop that runs around the ball end at the end of the string. This can quickly lead to string breaks, especially with unwound strings. With The Wrapper, the strings with the ball ends are hung on the front side of the tailpiece and are guided backwards around the tailpiece so that they emerge at the bottom of the front side in the direction of the bridge. This spreads the entire string tension over a surface area of a few centimetres, so that the load in the ball end area is considerably lower. In addition, the angle of the strings to the bridge is increased, resulting in more sustain, definition and attack. And if you prefer a flatter angle, the strings can be wrapped around The Wrapper the other way round.

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