Göldo "The Wrapper" tailpiece, aluminum

Manufacturer: Göldo

Order number: HWGWC

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Göldo "The Wrapper" tailpiece, aluminum


With a standard stop-tailpiece, the entire string tension is applied to the tiny loop that runs around the ball end at the end of the string, which can quickly lead to string breaks, especially on unwound strings. With the aluminum Wrapper, the strings with the ball ends are hooked in at the front and are led around the back of the tailpiece so that they exit at the bottom of the front towards the bridge. This distributes the entire string tension over a surface area of a few centimeters, so that the tension in the ball end area is much lower and the strings break less. In order to prevent the ball ends from slipping away when the strings are pulled up, we have developed this elegant Stop-Bar, which is pulled back by a spring. If you push it forward, you have unhindered access to the ball-ends - string change made easy!

If you prefer a flatter angle, the strings can also be led around the Wrapper in the opposite direction. The distance between the back edge of the bridge and the front edge of the Wrapper (measured without Stop-Bar) should be at least 4.5cm.

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