M8 Anchor Bushings for Stop Tailpiece

M8 Anchor Bushings for Stop Tailpiece

Manufacturer: Göldo

Order number: HWA8N

€13.45 *


M8 Anchor Bushings for Stop Tailpiece


M8 hammer-in bushings with expanding dowel function for Stop Tailpieces. Required hole diameter 10mm. So with a centered 10mm drill you can drill perfectly!
Inside the anchor sleeve there is a grub screw which spreads the sleeve like a dowel when it is screwed in. The sleeve then sits bomb-proof in the wood and ensures an optimal transmission of the resonances. It is also ideally suited for remounting vibrato systems such as the Les Trem or the short Duesenberg Diamond Deluxe Tremola, which can be mounted in the threaded sleeves of a tailpiece. The tight fit of the anchor sleeve also compensates for widened mounting holes caused by tremolo use and makes it almost impossible to slip out of the holes.
The collar on the upper edge of the sleeves prevents contact between mounted hardware parts and the guitar top and protects its surface from damage.

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