göldo "Deluxe" Pickup Wire / 1.4kg

göldo "Deluxe" Pickup Wire / 1.4kg

Item #: E9063

Wired for sound!

The göldo "Deluxe" pickup wire comes in vintage-correct grade: 0,063mmØ (= 42 AWG). Most old and new humbuckers and Fender-typical singlecoil pickups have been wound with wire of this gauge. The slightly thicker, reddish insulation provides an excellent capacity value.
One coil is sufficient for approx. 50 single coils, respectively approx. 25 humbuckers. Weight: 1,4kg

Hosco Binding Glue

Item #: WSF20

FROST Cooling Spray

Item #: WSCOOL

göldo Crown Inlays
Acrylic Pearl

Item #: WSCA9

göldo Block Inlays
Acrylic Pearl

Item #: WSBA10

göldo Fretwire / Pre-Bent / Long
Various versions

Item #: WS210

Workbench Pad
100 x 50 x 0.4cm

Item #: WS150

göldo Vintage Tremolo / Steel Block
Chrome / Gold

Item #: TV10S

göldo Pickup Winding Kit / P-90
Gibson Les Paul SG

Item #: PUK90

göldo Humbucker Cover in German Silver / 52.8mm Stringspacing
Nickel / Chrome / Gold / Antique

Item #: PNS3N

göldo Winding Kit for TL-Type Pickup / Neck
Nickel silver cover

Item #: PKT1N

göldo "Retromatic" Humbucker-Cover
Transparent / Black

Item #: PC1BC

Duesenberg Z-Tuners / Kidney / 3+3
3+3, Nickel / Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: MZG33N

KTS Titanium Neck Reinforcement Bar
Guitar / Bass

Item #: KTSRB45

göldo Fretboard Inlays / Block

Item #: INB10

göldo 7-string Tunamatic Bridge / M8
Chrome / Black

Item #: HW27C

göldo Guitar Fretboard / Maple
629 or 648 mm scale

Item #: FBGM3

göldo Guitar Fingerboard / Acrylic Inlays / slotted
Rosewood / Crown or Block inlays

Item #: FBGCR

göldo Body Blank / Alder / Unfinished
Sanded ready for finishing

Item #: BBALD

“Purple haze, all in my brain / Lately things they don’t seem the same Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why / Excuse me while I kiss the sky"

Jimi Hendrix