Duesenberg VintageClass Singlecoil

Duesenberg VintageClass Singlecoil

Manufacturer: Duesenberg

Order number: PDS1M

€105.27 *


Duesenberg VintageClass Singlecoil

middle, nickel

The VintageClass is a typical Alnico singlecoil pickup with low to medium output, well balanced frequency response, fast dynamics and a brilliant sound with excellent overtone response. The open German silver cap, a typical Duesenberg feature, gives the pickup not only a stylish, unique look, but also supports the open sounding sonic characteristics and diminishes interference on the pickup´s coil.
This pickup shows its great potential in bridge, middle and neck position. For each position a specially calbibrated model is available. And it proves equally great in combination with the Duesenberg GrandVintage Humbucker at the bridge – for more variety, more beef and more Rock´n´Roll!
The VintageClass Singlecoil measures 69,5 x 18,3 mm, which is standard singlecoil size. It comes with an open German Silver cap and two conductors.

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