Duesenberg SingleTwin Domino

Manufacturer: Duesenberg

Order number: PH9NN

€121.84 *


Duesenberg SingleTwin Domino

Neck, nickel

The SingleTwin Domino is a big, hum free Alnico singlecoil pickup with medium output, well balanced frequency response, very dynamic attack and a unique sound with warm bass and bright treble response. Due to its construction, which is based on two separated single coils with each one built like a usual singlecoil pickup, the SingleTwin Domino produces no hum but faithfully delivers the sought after authentic singlecoil-P90-sound. One of mankind´s dream has come true!
This pickup shows its great potential both in bridge and neck position and proves equally great in combination with the Duesenberg GrandVintage Humbucker at the bridge – for typical Duesenberg variety in sound, attack and tone.
The SingleTwin Domino measures 68,40 x 37,20 mm (without frame), which is standard humbucker size. It comes with an open German Silver cap, which does not cut any highs, and two conductors.

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