The Downholder

The Downholder

Manufacturer: Göldo

Order number: TGDDH

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The Downholder


Many Les Paul and ES players miss a tremolo system on their guitars. To install a “horse-shoe” style trem system, however, four holes must be drilled in the top of the guitar. Larger trem systems with included pressure roller bar usually sit very close to the bridge, which can cause problems such as ineffective tremulation and excessive string breaking.

Our Downholder is mounted 1:1 in the existing mounting holes of the Stop tailpiece and allows the installation of a larger trem system without pressure roller, whereby it brings the strings with sufficient pressure to the level of the bridge. With this combination Downholder/trem system without pressure roller, any guitar with Stop tailpiece can be transformed into a well-functioning tremolo guitar without having to modify anything on the wood or hardware.

The fixing screws of the Downholder come in metric and US-size thread dimensions.

The spacing between the studs can be adjusted flexibly! The shaft is simply pushed loosely through the mounting holes into the studs and then fixed with one set screw each.

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