göldo W-Logo for Wandrè Guitars

Manufacturer: Göldo

Order number: DWWWC

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göldo W-Logo for Wandrè Guitars


Replacement logo for Wandrè guitars in original design and size.

- chrome-plated metal
- distance between the mounting holes: 40mm

Antonio "Wandrè" Pioli, an Italian partisan, leather and life artist, built remarkable electric guitars in his factory in Cavriago between 1957 and 1968, which went down in guitar history for their unique designs.During his career as a guitar maker, Pioli built a total of about 50,000 instruments, which are highly valued in collector circles today. His guitars have appeared under his own name, but also under the brands Davoli, Framez, Dallas, Avalon, Noble and Lipsky.

We are big fans of Wandrè and since we know that many of these old instruments are no longer in good condition and/or have been robbed of their components, we have built pickups and other hardware from contemporary and high quality materials that make a Wandrè look like an original again. And make an original Wandrè sound better than ever before.

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