Kluson Single Line “Tulip”
3+3, gold

3+3 with tulip knob for old Les Pauls and the like. During the 50s KLUSONS were stamped with “KLUSON DELUXE” in the center line over the little...


€95.52 *

Kluson Roundbacks Ebony
6 left, chrome

Ebony, 6 left, 45°, small buttons. Drill hole 10mm. save 70g weight per set! Gear ratio 1:18.


€77.00 *

Duesenberg Z-Tuners, open, 3-Step
3+3, nickel

The first open Tuners from Duesenberg, as used on the new Duesenberg Gran Majesto and Gran Royale. Stylish vintage design, less weight. Otherwise...


€117.94 *

Kluson Tuning Knob, Rhombus Shape
Ivory Pearl

(come in 6 pcs - prices are quoted per piece!)fit only KLUSON Roundbacks & KLUSON Classic!


€7.31 *


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