Göldo Staggering Set

Manufacturer: Göldo

Order number: WKSGB

€5.90 *


Göldo Staggering Set

for 6-in-line Tuner

The Göldo Staggering Set provides a staggered height for machine heads with the same shaft length! This ensures a homogeneous angle of the string path of all strings from the saddle to the tuner shafts. In addition, all strings run through the nut with almost the same pressure and in most cases there is even no need for string trees anymore. Both features provide a defined sound of all strings and a stable tuning of the guitar.

The Göldo Staggering Set consists of nine black washers of different thicknesses, which are mounted on the headstock´s back between tuner and headstock, thus reducing the height of the tuner shaft. They can be mounted on most tuners built for a 10mm hole.

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