KTS Titanium Neck Reinforcement Bar

KTS Titanium Neck Reinforcement Bar

Manufacturer: KTS

Order number: KTSRB45

€25.90 *


KTS Titanium Neck Reinforcement Bar

450mm, for guitar

The multiple cold-rolled titanium rods provide a clear reinforcement of the neck of a bass or a guitar. One titanium rod on each side of the trussrod gives the neck a considerably higher strength and eliminates or weakens any dead spots. The special acoustic qualities of titanium also improve the sound and dynamics of the instrument. Dimensions: 6mm x 3mm x 450mm (17.70"). The sonic qualities of titanium: First of all, it simply resonates better than steel! You get more from everything: more sustain, more treble, more midrange, more bass, more dynamics and a better tone definition. KTS likes to quote bass manufacturer Michael Tobias, who once said: "The notes just seem to jump off the fretboard!" Titanium is also much lighter than steel. This may not be so important with a set of titanium bridge saddles, but a trussrod or a tremolo block, for example, can reduce weight considerably.

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