3 Monkeys Solderless Cable

3 Monkeys Solderless Cable


Item #: 3MKBK

Patch/DC cable

With the premium patch cables of the American manufacturer 3 Monkeys, the assembly and wiring of effect boards reach a new dimension. The special, patent-pending connectors and the special cable material allow extremely space- and time-saving cabling. The installation of the plugs and cables is very simple, but nevertheless very solid: The plugs are screwed onto the strong cable - ready! The design of the connectors allows either straight or angled cable routing, just as the configuration of the board requires. The high cross-section of the cable core ensures an extremely low capacitance and thus signal routing without significant losses. The cable material itself is easy to bend and then retains its shape - ideal for space-saving, optically clean cable routing.


Sales unit: 1m

3 Monkeys is owned by three men who know what they're doing: Ossie Ahsen (builds the world-famous 3-Monkeys Boutique Amps), Greg Howard (Guitar Tech of Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Steely Dan, Green Day) and Brad Whitford, guitarist of Aerosmith.

3 Monkeys Solderless Audio Plug
6.3mm audio, very small dimensions

Item #: 3MPAU

göldo ST-Type Potknobs / Plastic
(Volume & Tone) White / Aged White / Cream / Black

Item #: KBSVW

3 Monkeys Solderless Patch Cable Kit
Various versions

Item #: 3M06AU

göldo Spacer Rings for Tuner Buttons
For guitar or bass

Item #: WKSRG

Duesenberg Les Trem II
3 colours

Item #: TM85N

Kluson Modern "Roundback" / Kidney / 3+3
Nickel / Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: MG33N

göldo JB-Type Knob
Large / Small

Item #: KBJBL

3 Monkeys Solderless DC Connector
Hollow plug, very small dimensions

Item #: 3MPDC

göldo T-Style VibroBridge

Item #: HWTTC

göldo Vintage Tunamatic
Nickel / Chrome

Item #: HW13C

Göldo Steel Saddles

Item #: TV15C

göldo Vintage Tremolo / Steel Block
Chrome / Gold

Item #: TV10S

Gotoh Floyd Locking Nut / 41mm
Chrome / Black

Item #: TM45C

F-style Tremolo Arm / US
Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: TM12C

göldo Humbucker Cover in German Silver / Open
Nickel / Chrom / Gold

Item #: PNS4N

Duesenberg CrunchBucker

Item #: PD4BB

göldo Vintage Bone Nut / Standard
Various sizes

Item #: NT536

Kluson Modern "Backlock" / German / 3+3
Chrome / Gold / Black / Satin-Chrome

Item #: MBS33C

Kluson Modern "Backlock" / Kidney / 3+3
Nickel / Gold

Item #: MBG33N

göldo "Dome Speed" Knob / unmarked
Chrome / Gold

Item #: KB02C

göldo Acoustic-Tubejack / Stereo
Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: JA00C

Duesenberg Multibender

Item #: HWMBC

Duesenberg Strap Pin

Item #: EP13C

göldo "Standard" Strap Pin
Nickel / Black / Gold

Item #: EP11C

Diego Deluxe SC Tremolo / Steel Block
Chrome or Gold

Item #: TVS1C

Van Zandt "VintagePlus" ST-Singlecoils / Set
Bridge / Middle / Neck


Kluson "Texas Blues" TL-Type Pickups
Set / Bridge / Neck

Item #: PTXSET

Kluson "Vintage" TL-Type Pickups
Set / Bridge / Neck

Item #: PTSET

Kluson "Texas Blues" Singlecoil Pickups
Set / Neck / Middle / Bridge

Item #: PSX00

göldo Vintage Pickup Cable / 25cm
White / 25cm

Item #: MV25W

Kluson Modern "Backlock" / Oval / 6L
Nickel / Gold

Item #: MBKL6LN

göldo "Skull-Knob" / Metal

Item #: KSKUL

göldo ST-Type Potknobs / Plastic
(Volume & Tone) White / Aged White / Cream / Black

Item #: KBSVW

göldo "Double-O" Wood Knob

Item #: KBPAL

göldo Knob for Blade Switch / US
White / Cream / Black

Item #: ELK3W

göldo Knob for Blade Switch / Japan
Black / Cream / White

Item #: ELK1W

CTS Pot / 500K / log
9mm thread

Item #: CTS500

“Purple haze, all in my brain / Lately things they don’t seem the same Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why / Excuse me while I kiss the sky"

Jimi Hendrix