Duesenberg Multibender

Item #: HWMBC

The Duesenberg MultiBender is a unique, innovative bridge that allows you to play absolutely authentic-sounding pedal steel licks. Single strings can be raised or lowered by 1 to 3 semitones using the palm of your right hand and the appropriate lever(s).

The MultiBender fits many types of electric guitars without any modifications. On a Vintage Strat®-Style guitar it is attached by using the six tremolo mounting screws and a special clip in the tremolo cut. Guitars such as Fender® Telecaster®, Gibson® SG, Duesenberg® Bonneville, and similar electric guitars can also be equipped with the MultiBender. The only requirement is that the top must be flat and not arched.

The MultiBender comes ex-factory with two levers, which can also be supplemented with additional levers. Only the sixth (thickest) string cannot be bent. The levers themselves are individually adjustable in their angle and can be twisted away completely when not in use so that the normal playing position is not affected.

If you want to experience the Multibender in action, you should search Youtube for "Martin Huch Multibender". Martin Huch has developed the prototype of the Multibender and masters it like no other.

Duesenberg Diamond Deluxe Tremola / Short
Alu / Nickel / Gold

Item #: TDBSN

Duesenberg Radiator Tremola / Long / Lefthand
Alu / Nickel / Gold

Item #: TDRLLN

Duesenberg Radiator Tremola / Long
Alu / Nickel / Gold

Item #: TDRLN

Duesenberg Radiator Tremola / Short
Alu / Nickel / Gold

Item #: TDRSN

Duesenberg Les Trem II
3 colours

Item #: TM85N

göldo "Standard" Strap Pin
Nickel / Black / Gold

Item #: EP11C

Göldo Steel Saddles

Item #: TV15C

göldo Humbucker height adjustment screws / US
Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: SRHZC

göldo Pickup Wood Screws for Bass & P90 Pickups
Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: SR1SC

göldo Screws / Neck / Short
Nickel / Black

Item #: SR03C

göldo JB-Type Knob
Large / Small

Item #: KBJBL

Duesenberg Strap Pin

Item #: EP13C

Duesenberg "3-Step" Switch Knob
Nickel / Gold

Item #: ELK3N

Kluson Modern "Backlock" / Tulip / 3+3
Nickel / Gold

Item #: MBT33N

MagSlide Magnesium Slide
Standard / Pinky


Kluson No-Line Tuners / 6L
Nickel / Gold / Plastic white

Item #: M6NLN

Jazz Guitar Bridge

Item #: HW155

göldo Vintage Tunamatic
Nickel / Chrome

Item #: HW13C

3 Monkeys Solderless Cable
Black / Green / Red

Item #: 3MKBK

göldo Side Dots / 2mm
black / white / creme

Item #: WS11W

göldo Fingerboard Dot Inlays
Various materials

Item #: WS10P

Göldo Wax Deluxe
Hard wax, 100ml

Item #: WS042

göldo Oil & Wax
Oil & Wax Set

Item #: WS041

göldo Vintage Tremolo / Steel Block
Chrome / Gold

Item #: TV10S

göldo F-Type Tremolo Springs
soft / medium / hard

Item #: TMS20

Göldo Back Box

Item #: TM060

göldo Screws / Neck / Long
Nickel / Black / Gold

Item #: SR02C

göldo Humbucker Cover in German Silver / Open
Nickel / Chrom / Gold

Item #: PNS4N

göldo "Turnómatic" G-Type Roller Bridge
Nickel / Chrome / Gold

Item #: HW05N

göldo Lowrider Bridge

Item #: HWGLN

Duesenberg Les Trem II
3 colours

Item #: TM85N

Kerly Kues Lapsteel Strings
016 - 056

Item #: KQLS1656

göldo "Vintage" Hardtail Bridge
Gold / Black Chrome / Nickel a. Chrome

Item #: HW15C

göldo T-Style VibroBridge

Item #: HWTTC

göldo "Grande PAFF" / for Wandrè Guitars
Stainless Steel


göldo DG Tremolo in Shorty-Design
Nickel & Chrome

Item #: TDG1ST

göldo DG Tremolo for Hollowbody Guitars
Nickel & Chrome / Long / Short

Item #: TDG1HL

Duesenberg Z-Tuner / Standard / 3+3
Nickel / Gold

Item #: MZD3DN

Duesenberg 3-Point Radius Bridge
Nickel / Chrome / Gold

Item #: HWD3N

göldo "The Downholder"

Item #: TGDDH

Duesenberg Radiator Tremola / Long
Alu / Nickel / Gold

Item #: TDRLN

Duesenberg GrandVintage Humbucker
Neck, Nickel / Bridge, Nickel / Bridge, Gold

Item #: PFDBC

Duesenberg D-Tron Humbucker
Nickel / Gold

Item #: PDDNN

Duesenberg Domino P90
Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: P9NNB

Duesenberg Z-Tuner / Junior / 6L
Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: MZK6LN

Kluson Modern "Roundback" / Kidney / 3+3
Nickel / Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: MG33N

göldo "Xtra Heavy" Hardtail Bridge / 6-String
Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: HWPRC

Duesenberg 12-String Bridge
Nickel / Chrome / Gold

Item #: HWD12N

göldo 1-String Bass Bridge
Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: HW60C

göldo Bridge Adapter / M8-M4 / Nickel
1 pair, nickel

Item #: HW11A

Duesenberg Wrap-Around Bridge / 81.5 mm
Nickel / Chrome / Gold

Item #: HW01N

Duesenberg Lapsteel Strings / 016

Item #: DSL16

göldo Tailpiece "Wrapper"
Various versions

Item #: HWGTN

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