Duesenberg Triton Bass Bridge / 4-String

Item #: HWTBN

Duesenberg Triton Bass Bridge

Solid aluminum housing with sintered stainless steel riders - as hard and indestructible as a good wrench. The riders are fixed individually by grub screws and melt into the rest of the bridge, creating a homogeneous unit that transmits the string vibrations with virtually no losses. The result is a fat sound with plenty of sustain and excellent dynamics.
This bridge is used on the Duesenberg Triton basses.

String spacing: 57mm

Duesenberg 3-Point Radius Bridge
Nickel / Chrome / Gold

Item #: HWD3N

Duesenberg Z-Tuner Single-Tuner / Bass / 1L
Nickel / Chrome / Gold / Black

Item #: MDBLN

göldo "Deluxe" 3D Bass Bridge / 4-String
Chrome / Black / Gold

Item #: HW50C

göldo T-Style VibroBridge

Item #: HWTTC

göldo Tailpiece "Wrapper"
Various versions

Item #: HWGTN

göldo "Grande PAFF" / for Wandrè Guitars
Stainless Steel


göldo DG Tremolo in Squid-Design
Nickel & Chrome

Item #: TDG2SQ

göldo DG Tremolo in Shorty-Design
Nickel & Chrome

Item #: TDG1ST

göldo DG Tremolo in Horseshoe Style
Nickel & Chrome

Item #: TDG1HR

göldo DG Tremolo for Hollowbody Guitars
Nickel & Chrome / Long / Short

Item #: TDG1HL

Duesenberg Z-Tuner / Standard / 3+3
Nickel / Gold

Item #: MZD3DN

göldo Dual-Action Trussrod
for bass or guitar

Item #: WS44G

göldo Fretwire / Pre-Bent / Long
Various versions

Item #: WS210

göldo Side Dots / 2mm
black / white / creme

Item #: WS11W

göldo Fingerboard Dot Inlays
Various materials

Item #: WS10P

göldo Fret Wire / Short
4 sizes, packs of 25 pcs, 7cm each.

Item #: WS010

Diego Deluxe SC Tremolo / Steel Block
Chrome or Gold

Item #: TVS1C

Gotoh Wilkinson VS-100
black / satin chrome / satin gold

Item #: TMW1C

Tremolo Arm for Wilkinson

Item #: TM55N

Threaded Arm for Gotoh Tremolos
3 colours

Item #: TM19C

Göldo Back Box

Item #: TM060

göldo "The Downholder"

Item #: TGDDH

göldo "G7" Tremolo
Alu / Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: TGD7N

Duesenberg Radiator Tremola / Long
Alu / Nickel / Gold

Item #: TDRLN

göldo "G-Type" Pickguard Screws
Nickel / Gold

Item #: SR09C

göldo Screws / Bridge or Endpin
Stainless Steel / Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: SR01C

göldo "Duro Nut" / Guitar
8 Versions

Item #: SNA42

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