göldo Paddle-Head / 647mm Scale / 12"

Item #: NG647

göldo Paddle-Head / 647mm Scale / 12"

göldo Paddle-Head Neck made from US Hardrock Maple featuring angled headstock.
Great for custom designs. This neck uses the longer F-Type scale (647mm). Rosewood fretboard with 12" Radius. 42mm at nut, 56mm at 22nd fret, fat D-profile, dual action trussrod.

Flat heel for bolt-on construction.

  • 22 Jumbo frets (2,7 x 1,1mm)
  • US Hardrock Maple
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Fretboard radius: 12"
  • Pearl Dot inlays
  • Shaping: Fat D
  • Width at nut: 42mm
  • Width at last fret: 56mm
  • Dual-Action Trussrod
  • Trussrod access at headstock
göldo Body Blank / Mahogany / Unfinished
Sanded ready for finishing

Item #: BBMAH

göldo Guitar Fingerboard / Acrylic Inlays / slotted
Rosewood / Crown or Block inlays

Item #: FBGCR

göldo Guitar Fingerboard / Rosewood
with or without fret slots

Item #: FBGR1

göldo Guitar Fingerboard / Ebony
Ebony, with or without fret slots

Item #: FBGE1

göldo Body Blank / Alder / Unfinished
Sanded ready for finishing

Item #: BBALD

göldo Vintage Bone Nut / Standard
Various sizes

Item #: NT536

göldo Lowrider Bridge

Item #: HWGLN

göldo Dual-Action Trussrod / MM-Type
Guitar / Bass

Item #: WSMMB

göldo Dual-Action Trussrod
for bass or guitar

Item #: WS44G

göldo Fretmaster File
192 x 38 x 8mm

Item #: WS000

göldo TL-Shape Body / SS / Swamp Ash / Unfinished
Sanded ready for finishing

Item #: BTSAU

göldo ST-Shape Body / HSH / Alder
Sanded ready for finishing

Item #: BSA1U

Fretboard for Guitar
Maple, 62.9cm scale

Item #: FBGM2

göldo Tailpiece "Wrapper"
Various versions

Item #: HWGTN

göldo Body / ST-Shape / SSS / Alder / Non-Trem
Sanded ready for finishing.

Item #: BSANT

Key for WSMMG/B Trussrods
100 x 2.8 mm

Item #: KSWMM

göldo "Deluxe" ST-Type Pickguard / SSS / Aluminum
Aluminum chequer plate

Item #: PGSAA

Pickguard for "Old Thinline" Tele
White Pearloid / Schildpatt

Item #: XTT3P

göldo Pickguard for Jazzmaster
White / Vintage Pearloid

Item #: XJM3W

Zero Glide Nut System, Slotted
Various versions

Item #: ZGZS1

göldo Pickguard for Explorer
Black / White

Item #: XEX3B

göldo Oil & Wax
Oil & Wax Set

Item #: WS041

“Purple haze, all in my brain / Lately things they don’t seem the same Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why / Excuse me while I kiss the sky"

Jimi Hendrix