Duesenberg 3-Point Radius Bridge


Item #: HWD3N

Duesenberg 3-Point Radius Bridge

The third generation of the Duesenberg tuneomatic style bridge features several constructional changes that result in a defined, direct vibration transmission without significant loss of vibration energy, resulting in an exceptionally sustain-rich, dynamically responsive sound.

And this is how it works: The string saddles are now held in position by six individual tapered spiral springs. In addition, the six screws for adjusting the octave intonation no longer reach into the opposite side of the case as is the case with conventional tuneomatic bridges, but are now cut to length so that they only reach to the edge of the case. This means that the string saddles only rest on three points - on the two lateral "shoulders" and at the beginning of the adjustment screw. The result is an optimally stable construction, because no component tilts or rattles and wastes valuable vibration energy!

The string saddles themselves are made of non-corrosive stainless steel - perfect for the sound and best against string breakage! The bridge top follows the fretboard radius, so that even with the stop tailpiece set low, the outer strings no longer rest on the back edge! The octave intonation is adjusted with hexagon screws which, due to their construction, point in the direction of the tailpiece or tremolo.

  • Stud spacing: 73.5 mm.
  • Diameter of studs: 4mm.
  • Outer diameter of bushings: 6mm
  • For 14" fingerboard radius.

Including two threaded sleeves, two bolts, two knurled discs for height adjustment, hexagon socket wrench.

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