Duesenberg SingleTwin Mini / Singlecoil

Duesenberg SingleTwin Mini / Singlecoil


Item #: PSTNN

Duesenberg SingleTwin Mini

The SingleTwin Mini is a hum-free Alnico singlecoil in mini-humbucker format with a moderate output, balanced frequency response, and a brilliant sound with excellent overtone response. Thanks to its construction, which is technically the same as that of a P-Bass pickup, the SingleTwin Mini is hum-free and yet delivers an authentic singlecoil sound. A dream of mankind came true...

Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh chose the SingleTwin Mini for the neck position of his Duesenberg Signature guitar - in combination with a Duesenberg LittleToaster on the bridge!

The SingleTwin Mini measures 66 x 31.5 mm (without mounting ring) and comes with a German silver cover and a black ring incl. Duesenberg Kipper for easy installation in a standard humbucker routing. Its dimensions (without ring) also correspond to those of some vintage Höfner pickups.

The SingleTwin Mini is available in neck and bridge versions in gold or nickel.

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Item #: TDG1ST

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Item #: TDG1HR

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Item #: TDG1HL

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Item #: MZD3DN

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Item #: HWD3N

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Item #: TMM1N

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Item #: TM85N

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Item #: TLT1N

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Item #: TGDDH

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Item #: TGD7N

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Item #: TDRLN

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Item #: PSX00

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Item #: PMD5B

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Item #: PMD4K

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Item #: PDS1N

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Item #: PD4BB

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Item #: MZK6LN

Duesenberg Z-Tuner / Open / 3+3
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Item #: MZDVN

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