Duesenberg Replacement Studs for Les Trem II


Item #: TM85ACN

Duesenberg replacement studs for Les Trem II

One set of replacement studs for the Duesenberg Les Trem II (TM85C), consisting of two pieces each with M8 and US inch thread.

Fits also to Göldo LT1 and LT2 Tremolos.

Available in nickel, chrome, and gold.

Duesenberg Les Trem II
3 colours

Item #: TM85N

göldo LT2 Tremolo
Various Versions

Item #: TLT2N

göldo LT1 Tremolo
Various Versions

Item #: TLT1N

göldo T-Style VibroBridge

Item #: HWTTC

göldo Lowrider Bridge

Item #: HWGLN

Duesenberg 3-Point Radius Bridge
Nickel / Chrome / Gold

Item #: HWD3N

Duesenberg Les Trem II / Lefthand
nickel / chrome / gold

Item #: TM85LN

göldo "The Downholder"

Item #: TGDDH

göldo "G5" Tremolo
Alu / Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: TGD5N

Kluson "Texas Blues" TL-Type Pickups
Set / Bridge / Neck

Item #: PTXSET

Kluson "Vintage" TL-Type Pickups
Set / Bridge / Neck

Item #: PTSET

göldo "Eco" TL-Type Pickup

Item #: PT000

Duesenberg Tremolo Round Arm / 250mm
Nickel / Gold

Item #: HWB2N

göldo Knob for Toggle Switch / US
Black / Cream / Amber

Item #: ELK2K

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