Diego Mini Humbucker / Nickel

Diego Mini Humbucker / Nickel

Item #: FBV1

Diego Mini Humbucker

Classic mini-humbucker with Alnico magnets. Sounds brighter and more punchy than a usual humbucker, but stronger and more powerful than a typical singlecoil - and of course without any hum.

Dimensions: 28 x 68mm

Duesenberg D-Tron Humbucker
Nickel / Gold

Item #: PDDNN

Duesenberg GrandVintage Humbucker
Neck, Nickel / Bridge, Nickel / Bridge, Gold

Item #: PFDBC

Kluson Sweetbucker

Item #: PF2NB

Duesenberg BassBucker

Item #: PDBNB

Duesenberg SingleTwin Mini / Singlecoil
Various versions

Item #: PSTNN

Kluson Troublebucker

Item #: PF6BB

Duesenberg Domino P90
Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: P9NNB

Kluson Creambucker
Different versions

Item #: PF1BZ

göldo "Turnómatic" G-Type Roller Bridge
Nickel / Chrome / Gold

Item #: HW05N

Bushings for Standard Neck Screws
6 pcs. / Chrome / Nickel / Black Nickel

Item #: NP225N

göldo Oil & Wax
Oil & Wax Set

Item #: WS041

göldo Staggering Set
for 6-in-line Tuner

Item #: WKSGB

Duesenberg Les Trem II
3 colours

Item #: TM85N

göldo LT1 Tremolo
Various Versions

Item #: TLT1N

göldo DG Tremolo for Jaguar style guitars
Nickel & Chrome

Item #: TDG1JM

göldo Humbucker Mounting Screws / Long
Nickel / Gold / Black

Item #: SR06C

göldo Humbucker Mounting Screws / Short
Gold / Black / Nickel

Item #: SR05C

Roger Saturn
Black / Red / Purple / Vintage White

Item #: RSATRD

Duesenberg 3-Step Pickup Mountain Ring / Bridge Position
Cream / Black / Gold Plexi / Silver Plexi

Item #: PMD5B

Kluson Jayscreamer

Item #: PF4BB

Duesenberg VintageClass ST-Singlecoil
Bridge / Middle / Neck

Item #: PDS1N

göldo Cover for Dog Ear P90 / Nickel
Bridge / Neck

Item #: PCCASR

göldo "Retromatic" Humbucker-Cover
Transparent / Black

Item #: PC1BC

“Purple haze, all in my brain / Lately things they don’t seem the same Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why / Excuse me while I kiss the sky"

Jimi Hendrix